Blue Sky

Blue Sky… for a better tomorrow

Blue Sky, an earthlike planet near Kzinti space, is the most heavily militarized world in Human Space. It is also the most heavily populated world other than Terra.  Blue Sky accepts all immigrants, provided they serve two years in the military.  Once this term is up, there are no restrictions on fertility, making it a popular destination for those who have been refused a birthright on Terra.  

Both Lucius Oclaris and his illegally adopted daughter Bianca are from Blue Sky.  The Puppeteer Chiron is believed to be held here in Citygate Building.

The capital city of Blue Sky was original named New London, but was renamed Memorial after the first Man-Kzin war. Blue Sky was never occupied by the Kzin, as Wunderland was. They were better prepared for invasion, and were not attacked until late in the war. On Wunderland, so many Kzinti were left on the planet-many of whom had been born on Wunderland during the 50 year occupation-that they had to be incorporated into society. On Blue Sky, the Kzinti were simply killed. To this day, Kzinti are not permitted on Blue Sky, even in a diplomatic capacity.

The war memorial is the tallest structure in the city. From the outside, it's a simple phallic tower. On the inside, it contains a museum to the wars, and holos or photos or simply names of every person on Blue Sky who was killed by Kzinti. With four wars and continual skirmishes, the memorial is always growing. It's more than just a memorial to the dead though. It's also a victory memorial, with significant space given to exhibits of human victories over the Kzin. Heroes of all the wars are honoured here, and one of the most popular exhibits is a holo projection of Known Space showing the expansion of the Kzinti empire over time, followed by its contraction after each war with humanity. Occasionally, groups of idealistic young people object to the adversarial nature of the memorial and agitate to allow a Kzinti embassy. They are generally mocked and ignored, and quietly (though not forcibly) encouraged to emigrate off world.

The form of government is a representative democracy with a parliamentary body and an executive known as the Mayor. Military service is not required to hold office, but it is very rare for someone to get elected to parliament without it. The Mayor has always been a veteran. But the truth is, a large percentage of the population has served at least one term in the armed forces—usually the Home Guard, rather than the more prestigious (and much harder to qualify for) Space Navy. It's not required, but it's expected. Your friends look at you funny if you don't. For immigrants, it is required to serve one term in the Home Guard, with very few exceptions given. There are units for those with physical limitations. No one who wants to serve is turned down. Recruits are stuffed into autodocs enough for them to be sure that any psychotics are treated, and as for any suspected traitors, they can be more closely watched from within than if they were on the outside.

The uniforms provided by Ambir are azure blue Home Guard uniforms. Nathan and Mark can teach you enough of the protocol to pass.

Blue Sky

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