Captain Alexandria Juliette Temple

Captain of the Lucky Penny



    * Loonie (native of Luna)
    * Crushing disappointment to her parents
    * Gambler
    * Lucky Penny
    * "Goddammit, somebody turn down the gravity!"
    * Open book (can't keep a poker face)
    * Lucky

    * "You guys rock" 



    * Acrobatics IIII
    * Gambling III
    * Jack of all Trades III
    * Medicine II

    * Contacting II

    * Mathematics II 

    * Pilot/Nav Normal Space I
    * (Pilot/Nav Hyperspace 0)*

    * Seduce I

    * Charm I 

   * Computers I

       Psychic skills (subconscious only—Lexi doesn't realize she has them):
    * Psycho-hypnotism I
    * Telepathy I


Lexi is over 7 feet tall and naturally very thin. Her ancestors clearly came from all parts of Earth as she is of no identifiable race. She has medium brown skin and brown eyes. She wears her hair in a buzz cut, and it is generally dyed some interesting colour. It is currently orange with a sky blue spiral starting at the crown of her head. She generally wears form fitting clothes for comfort, which make it obvious that she's carrying a few extra pounds in the form of a muffin top. She might be pretty if she ever took the trouble, but she never does.


Personality: Lexi Temple is interested in one thing and one thing only: Avoiding boredom. When she gets bored, she looks for something fun to do, and to Lexi 'fun' often means 'dangerous'. Right now, she's having the time of her life touring Known Space in her just-barely-spaceworthy ship. Her crewmembers can pretty much talk her into taking them anywhere and getting involved with anything, as long as it won't be dull. Her last words will probably be 'Hey, hold my drink, and watch this!'

Her first Aspect is "Crushing Disappointment to Her Parents". She was born on Luna, where the traditional nuclear family with conservative values is the norm. Her real name is Alexandria. She hates it. They wanted her to become a doctor. She dropped out of medical school. They loved her first boyfriend. She turned down his proposal. They are horrified by her thrillseeking hobbies (whatever would be the 27th century equivalent of bungee jumping etc—don't feel like making them up now.) They tried to exert control over her by blocking access to her trust fund. Finally, she got a drudge job on a ship leaving Luna just to get away from them. She loves her parents, but she hates them too.

Her second Aspect is "Gambler". She loves games of chance. It doesn't have to be a large wager. She's just as likely to make a bet for a drink as for a large sum. She found herself grounded on Jinx for six months where the high gravity kept her confined to the hotel and its casino, where they were use a gravity generator to create a 0.5g environment. Still too heavy for Lexi's taste, but much better than Jinx's natural 1.78g. So she put her time to good use, studied all the machines and dealers in the casinos, and gradually amassed a tidy sum of money with small wins here and there. It was not enough to buy the ship she wanted, so she bought the Lucky Penny instead.

Her third Aspect is "The Lucky Penny". A Belter would be horrified by this ship's condition when she purchased it. (Belters tend to treat their machinery as if their life depends on it.) The ship was old, run down, and behind on its maintenance. Few people would have risked their lives aboard her in the early days, but each load of cargo earns her a little more money towards making improvements. After three years, it's finally what most people would consider spaceworthy.

Her fourth Aspect is "Goddammit, somebody turn down the gravity!" Lexi hates high gravity ("high" to her being anything greater than 0.5g) and bitches and moans theatrically when forced to endure it. In low gravity, she's swift and graceful.

Captain Alexandria Juliette Temple

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