Dan Freeboot



  • Street Urchin III
  • "Two is one, one is none" II
  • Klepto II
  • Con Man I
  • Mr Fix it I
  • Unlucky I 


  • Pickpocket IIII
  • Bluff III
  • Lockpicking III
  • Engineering II
  • Cooking II
  • Gun Combat II
  • Urban Stalking I
  • Awareness I
  • Fence I
  • Free-running I 



Dan Freeboot is, in all honesty, an orphan. No, his name isn't even Dan Freeboot. He just kind of… made it up for himself. Daniel isn't exactly sure he has a legal name. Even if he did, he wouldn't care enough to use it. Dan fits him just fine. He even just came up with "Freeboot" one day while a "customer" introduced himself as "Mr. Brown.", and wanting to keep the apperance of formalties, pulled "Mr. Freeboot" out of the aether and has used it since in such situations.

If you ask Dan about his origin story, he wouldn't be able to give you one. Memory not being reliable in the early years of life and all. He was taken in by a gang of kids. Kids had to travel around in gangs, it was, like, an unwritten law or something. Anyway – he was just another rank-and-file member. Keeping an eye on the other kids' backs, and learning to run.
Dan was usually the kid they sent to do some distracting, and he had to run, and escape. Came in handy when a dip went bad, too. The kid was small enough, quick enough, and cunning enough to pull it off. So he pulled it off. As a somewhat obvious collorry, he was the man up front when the gang sold any ill-gotten gains. He was the man up front because he could get away. The gang's primary responsbility was for its members. If goods had to be dumped, they had to be dumped.
It wasn't until Dan advanced beyond the age of twelve or so that he took on more important jobs. There were other little kids in the group that could run away better, now. They did that. He still dipped, but Dan started to carry one of the guns. He learned to cook for his little-er gang-members, and fast-talk his way out of a jam. More rogueish stuff. Not squeaking and running away like a mouse.
'Matter of fact, they called him Mouse when he was a kid. Wasn't until now that "Mouse" became "Dan".

Dan grew up, and soon, he had two choices, take charge of the gang, or fly solo. He tried to take charge, he really did.
Somebody else did, too, and beat Dan up somethin' awful for it. Dan was forced to fly solo. He became a con-man, and wheeled and dealed his way through the shady corners and back alleys of Greyair, just like so many others. Dan specialised in machines. Broken machines that looked, and even ran like they weren't. The young man had a knack for it. Maybe "Young man" isn't the rigth term. He was still a teenager, you see. Just somewhere between sixteen or seventeen. He couldn't tell you for certain.
Shoddy engineering patched-up half-proper still broke down, though. And, sometimes, Dan got into a scrap for it.
Dan lost alot of scraps, and a lot of money. He stole himself a gun, then, and he learned how to use it better this time. That fixed the problem real quick.
Unless the other guy had a gun, too. Dan just usually gave in, then.
Then he figured out a REAL solution. Just fix the machine up right and proper. No more lyin' about it. And less fights that way, too.
Eventually, somebody, somewhere, noticed him. Maybe it was God, maybe it was just odd stroke of good luck. It was probably the latter.
Ship's name was Lucky Penny, after all. They needed someone to tinker with the engines, and Dan hopped right to it. He got his pay in fixin's for a hot meal. More than enough fixin's, actually, he cooked some up for the whole crew.
Soon afterwords, he was invited for an extended stay, and Dan was never one to let a rare instance of good luck pass by. He came aboard.


Dan usually dresses to blend in. On Earth (which he snootily calls Terra, more ofte than not), he wore what he could come by. With limited shipboard stowage, he packs a slim variety of jeans, and a slightly wider vareity of shirts, usually monochromatic. He keeps his clothing loose, stating that <font>"Millenia of combat traditons have taught us that loose clothing is simply better"</font> to anyone who asks.
He does, however, posses a single, black longcoat (think modern military-style) and similarly colored fedora that he often wears when aboard ship, more because he finds space cold than for any flavor, though he will claim the latter.
Physically speaking, Dan is a simple five-feet, eleven inches tall (although earily close to a full six feet), and weighs on one twenty or so pounds. Hes thin, but its the thin of growing up hungry, and not devloping much of an appetite. One might be tempted to describe his features as "common", and indeed, the very much are. His ears are slightly larger than normal and have slight "Darwin's Points", and his eyes retain an odd, almond-like shape (although their blue-ness quickly spoils any almond-y illusion).

He keeps his (black) hair cropped short on the sides, no part of it touching his ears or even coming close to the back of his color, and slightly longer on top. He does however, more out of apathy than anything else have relatively long (naturally-formed) bangs, the longest part of which comes down to level with the arches of his eyebrows).

Dan worked his way aboad the Penny with a ombination of good ol' Engineering know-how he picked up planetside, and cooking a rather large, filling meal which impressed upon those aboard jus how tired they were of eating gruel.

In a word, Dan is Playful towards the Captain. Dan spends quite a bit of time thinking up and pulling various practical jokes on Lexi, his personal favorite being to enhance the gravty to a "painfully unbearable" 0.7, or, if hes feeling foul, one full G. While Lexi may consider the Lucky Penny her ship, Dan considers the crew "His team".


Dan just, really, really wants to get out and away from Earth, whre he was a nothing. On the ship, hes worth something, and he'll work hard to fill in whatever niche the team needs to the best of his ability, even if it kills him.

Dan Freeboot

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