Lucky Penny

party weapons

Provided by Ambir (and stolen directly from the story 'The Borderland of Sol') your uniforms have the following properties:

They are made in three layers. The inner layer is impact armor. The middle layer is a reflective material which will protect you from lasers for a few seconds. The top layer is the uniform. The collar unrolls into a hood to provide impact armour for the head. The hood is not standard for Blue Sky uniforms, so you can't use it as long as you are trying to blend in.

The top and bottom buttons have a string of Sinclair molecular chain between them. If you take hold of each button and pull, it will rip free from the fabric. You can then cut through anything if you pull hard enough. The buttons are large to provide an easy grip. However, you can quite easily lose fingers doing this.

The third button down is a sonic grenade. Ten feet away it will kill. Thirty feet it will stun. Ambir advises using dummy buttons as target practice.

The second button is Power Pill, a commercial stimulant. The safe dose is half a pill, and it will add +1 to anything physical you are attempting to do. After it runs out, in about 30 minutes, you'll be at -1 for an hour. If you take a second dose at this point, you can go for another 30 minutes, but you'll be at -2 for four hours afterwards. Lexi (being the party girl that she is) knows from experience that a quarter dose is more than sufficient for Lunies. Overdosing will stop your heart.

Ambir has also provided soft earplugs. When you put them in, they do not block your hearing. It is a transmitter and receiver with sonic padding in between. It will protect you from sonic weapons such as the grenade buttons or sonic stunners. If you suddenly go deaf, you'll know you are under attack.

In addition, you've each been given a flashlight whose beam can be narrowed to form a laser.

Ambir explains all of these things to you, but the items themselves do not arrive until right before you leave. They are delivered by a courier in a secure parcel, for which you had previously been provided the code to open. You will not see Ambir again in person after you've received them, though she will talk to you by vidphone at any time.



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